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Kenedacom Laptop Data Recovery Services

Imagine returning from an important business trip with your laptop containing all the minutes of your meetings as well the business plans you worked hard on during your trip. Then disaster strikes! You drop your laptop accidentally or something has been spilled on it. You might be surprised to discover just how common these two disaster summaries are.

Both scenarios can result in serious data loss at a time you least expected it and needed it. The problem becomes all the more compounded, of course, by the importance of the data stored on your laptop.

Kenedacom has extensive experience recovering data from laptops that has been lost due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Physical accidents (dropping, liquid damage, user spills, etc.).
  • Mechanical failures.
  • Accidentally deleted files and partitions.
  • Accidental reformatting and overwriting.
  • Application malfunctions
  • Viruses.
  • And other reasons.

  • There's only one name to remember for Data Recovery: Kenedacom And the number to call is 1-866-401-5860 or
    (514) 332-2807 For all your data recovery emergencies!

    Once Kenedacom system engineers recover your data, they subject it to strict quality control testing. Afterwards, your data is returned to you in your choice of three media formats: on CD-ROMs…on the Hard Drive itself…or via FTP Transfer which, of course, lets you to download your recovered data directly from Kenedacom’s dependable server quickly and in total security.


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