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When it comes to data loss and data recovery, Kenedacom believes that “an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure.” Consequently, we recommend the following:

1. Leave data recovery to an expert. Contact Kenedacom Data Recovery the moment you experience a Hard Drive Crash, Computer Failure or other serious Data Loss.

2. Don’t leave data recovery to an amateur do-it-yourselfer. Please do NOT allow an unqualified person to attempt recovery of the data in order to avoid losing valuable information on your hard drive. Leave the recovery of your data to expert system engineers like those at Kenedacom who are tops in their field..

NOTE: When you use just any store-bought application that you have on hand to recover data, you often end up merely overwriting the lost files. Worse still, you run the risk of not being able to retrieve the data permanently. We suggest that you shut down your computer immediately and contact Kenedacom Data Recovery while there is still an opportunity to restore your valuable data.

3. Find out how up-to-date the data recovery team is. Make sure the data recovery services team you choose to recover your data possesses the up-to-date training and specialized equipment required to tackle complex data loss challenges. Such diligence on your part will ensure that these professionals possess the skills and know-how to:

      Access the very core your hard drives to get to the heart of the data loss problem.
      Conduct a thorough examination of your hard drive.
      Perform an accurate diagnosis of every facet of the data loss situation.
      Return the fully repaired drive and the recovered data to you after a minimum of
          down time.

4. Warn the data recovery specialists about extra important files. Advise your Kenedacom Data Recovery customer care representative if you have important personal data on your computer such as family photographs, scans of official documents and other irreplaceable information. By doing so, they can take extra precaution to retrieve those files for you.

5. Insist on back-up service. Kenedacom Data Recovery Services can provide you with Data Back-Up Service second-to-none.

NOTE: Kenedacom provides complete Data Back-Up Service as part of its Data Recovery Services operations. Before returning your data and hard drive to you, we will automatically store your recovered files on our secure storage system for ## days, or until we receive confirmation that you can now access your recovered data on your own system. We will then permanently erase your data from our own storage system, denying further access at our end.

6. Insist that your appointed Data Recovery Services team signs a Non-Disclosure of Information Agreement with your company, agreeing not to divulge any information found during or after the data recovery process to a third party under any circumstances.


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